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LS-4 Series
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LS-4 Model Vane Starter

We have fused the front end of an LS-8 with a smaller motor. Giving you over 70 applications.

For engines up to 270 CID (4.44 liters) Diesel

  • Tough/Compact
  • Starts Diesel engines to 4.44 liters (270 CID)
  • Models to fit most engines
  • Lubeless design
  • Priced with economy in mind

LS-4 is being redesigned to make it a more robust starter that will start diesel engines up to 400 CID. (gas to 800 CID).

The LS-4 is an economy model and is quite adequate where the added torque of the gear reduction LS-8 is not called for.

LS-4 uses the same drive housing, drive and flange/spacer set up as the LS-8. A good LS-8 alternative when there is room to fit the LS-4 into the engine package.

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The use of shims allows mounting flange to ring gear dimensions to be adjusted to fit non SAE dimensions without costly flange adaptors.
Machined flanges allow new flanges to be available in days, not months.
Pinions for all SAE standard and most Metric ring gears.
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