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PRQ-SM Series

Startmaster Air Starters are now identified as the PRQ SM Series. This well establishedproduct line offers unique feature that complement the PRQ LS series.

The PRQ SM-250 and SM-251 are available in pre-engaged and pre-engaged overhung models.They fit both Domestic and European engines and incorporate a built in relay valve which simplifies installations. click picThe positive blade displacement feature eliminates freeze ups by mechanically positioning the rotor blades into the air-stream.

The PRQ SM-500 Series develops 75 hp and 230 ft. lbs. of torque that will crank diesel engines up to 10,000 cu. in. The twin air motor design provides high efficiency, and the simplicity of design makes for easy servicing.

Special Note: Internet Only Sales - Due to the expense involved in the manufacture of the Startmaster Line of Gas/Air Starters, Maradyne Corporation will sell SM-250, SM-251, and SM-500 series starters only via the internet.

To Purchase These Starters:
call 216-362-0755 or email us. Service Parts and Repair Kits will be sold through distributors at current prices and discounts. Please call your Sales Representative for any questions you may have on this new policy.

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