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SM-250 Series
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SM-250 Vane Starter — for engines up to 1800 CID

click picBoth the SM-250 and SM-251 features a choice of built in, lubricator, relay valve and muffler. This reduces the hose and fittings required by nearly 50 percent.

  • For engines up to 1800 cubic inches
  • Pre-engaged operation
  • Integral lubricator, relay valve and muffler.

The StartMaster SM 250 air starters are widely used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles and equipment. All models are “pre-engaged: when the starter is activated, a small air servo signal engages the starter pinion with engine ring gear before the full thrust of air enters the starter motor.

The unique design of the SM-250 series features a choice of built-in lubricator, relay valve and/or muffler.

This reduces the hose and fittings required by nearly 50 percent, saving installation time and cost, and decreasing the potential for leaks in the air system.

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