Heavy Duty Engine Starting Systems by Pow-R-Quik

Pow-R-Quik hydraulic starters

Hydraulic Starters

Pow-R-Quik hydraulic starters are available with the most reliable ‘soft start’ technology available in the world; the starters are achieving the highest reliability ever experienced in the harsh environment of oil and gas fractioning applications from Siberia to Northern Alberta, but also in other applications as marine and power generation.

Versatile product line, built around ‘one part number fits all’ concept.

We design turnkey hydraulic starting systems solutions per customer requirements for any application (frack rig, gas compressor, fire pump, generator, etc).

Hydraulic Line

Pneumatic Starters

Pow-R-Quick air starters accommodate small to very large industrial diesel and gas engines. They are designed and manufactured for heavy duty operation in the most challenging work environments in the world. All our air starters are gas sealed ready to be used with natural gas, nitrogen, etc.

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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Maradyne’s Pow-R-Quik division designs and manufactures industrial engine starters for original equipment and aftermarket applications.

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