Pow-R-Quik HSV-223 HSV-224 Hydraulic Starter

HSV-223 and HSV-224 Hydraulic Starters

Hydraulic Starters HSV-223 and HSV-224 have a dedicated hydraulic gear motor which integrates the ‘soft start’ in the back cover of the motor. Both starters are sharing the same components with the exception of the hydraulic gears and the hydraulic motor housing.

From specifications stand point, HSV-224 can start engines with displacements* from 10 liters to 49 liters as long as the flow and pressure available meets the hydraulic starter HSV-224 specifications.

For low flow availability applications, the smaller hydraulic starter HSV-223 can be used with engine displacements* between 10 liters and 30 liters.

Our HSV-223 and HSV-224 are designed with universality in mind fitting most of the engines available in the market with one part number (consult factory for proper match).

Weeping holes and case drain protections are standard for PRQ hydraulic starters

HSV-223 and HSV-224 Hydraulic Starters Highlights

  • Operating Pressure max: 3000psi (103-206bar) 
  • Engine displacement*: 10-30 Liter for HSV-223 and 10-49 Liter for HSV-224
  • Pinion: 11 Tooth
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Temperature: -40°F(-40°C) to 180°F(-82°C)

HSV-223 (224) products supersedes HS-223 (224) 

*The engine displacements are for reference only, the engine and the application breakaway torque must be considered and checked against starter specifications.
**Consult starter flow chart versus engine firing speed.

Pow-R-Quik HSV-223 HSV-224 Hydraulic Starter
Pow-R-Quik HSV-223 HSV-224 Hydraulic Starter

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