Pow-R-Quik HS-114V HS-116V Hydraulic Starter

HS-114V and HS-116V Hydraulic Starters

Hydraulic Starters HS-114V and HS-116V are made out of a typical hydraulic gear motor with a common drive used with air starters and an external soft start module . Both starters are sharing the same components with the exception of the hydraulic gears and the hydraulic motor housing.

From specifications stand point, HS-114V and HS-116V can start engines with displacements* from 4 liters to 14 liters.

Our HS-114V and HS-116V are available in many pinion/flange configurations to fit most of the engines in the market (consult factory for proper match).

Case drain protection is standard for PRQ hydraulic starters

HS-114V and HS-116V Hydraulic Starters Highlights

  • Operating Pressure max: 3000psi (103-206bar) 
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Temperature: -40°F(-40°C) to 180°F(-82°C)

*The engine displacements are for reference only, the engine and the application breakaway torque must be considered and checked against starter specifications.

**Consult engine firing speed.

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