Pow-R-Quik PRQ-200 Series

PRQ-200 Series Turbine Air Starters

PRQ200 series engine air starters, with a maximum torque output of 300ft-lbs (407Nm), starts diesel engines up 200L and gas engines over 200L displacement.

  • Heavy duty starters, made of steel, cast iron and aluminum with low weight of about 46lbs/21Kg
  • Low maintenance starters with bearings lubricated for life
  • Easy to repair requiring minimum know-how
  • Gas sealed starters made for use with different gases (Nitrogen, Natural Gas, etc)
  • Environment friendly with no fugitive emissions

PRQ200 meets the most challenging industrial engine application needs and is offered in different configurations:


Inertia air starter

PRQ-200i (inertia) is very compact with a simple design. The heavy duty inertia drive protects the starter and the engine at all times during engine starting.


Pre-engaged air starter

PRQ-200p (pre-engaged) has a mechanism that engages precisely the pinion in the engine flywheel before the starter applies the maximum torque to the engine. However, the air quality is important for the life and reliability of the pre-engagement mechanism.

Pow-R-Quik PRQ-200 Series
Pow-R-Quik PRQ-200 Series Air Turbine Starters
Pow-R-Quik PPow-R-Quik PRQ-200 Series Air Turbine StartersRQ-200 Series

The PRQ-200 starters family shares the same air motor and by varying the number of nozzles, the air starter is capable of operating with a wide range of supply pressures:

  • 30-90psi (2-6.2bar) – low pressure
  • 90-150psi (6.2-10.3bar) – standard pressure

Several flanges and pinions are available for PRQ-200 air starters matching most of the engines available.

PRQ-200 Series Turbine Air Starters Downloadable PDFs

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