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LS-8 Air Starter | Air Starters | Pow-R-Quik

LS-8 Air Starter from Pow-R-Quik


The LS-8 Air Starter from Pow-R-Quik is able to fit very small engines and packages with its gear-reduction, offset design. The starter is capable to deliver up to 42 ft-lbs of torque starting diesel engine up to 7 liters and gas engines up to 13 liters.


This vane air starter does not require lubrication for normal starting conditions. The lube-less blades and hard coated aluminum cylinder of the LS-8, coupled with the teflon-coated end plates makes it a very corrosion-resistant starter.


With over 80 variations, LS-8 Air Starter will fit almost any engine available.


  • Combines power and reliability in a simpler, compact design.
  • Fewer parts in the motor section ensures fast and easy serviceability in the field
  • The starter can be indexed at 40° increments at the motor, 60° increments at the drive housing and additionally 30° increments at the flange for accommodating any installation and can be done easily anywhere
  • Multiple versions of the starter utilizing various pinions and flanges combinations satisfying any engine application.
LS-8 Starter Shims | Air Starters | Pow-R-Quik
LS-8 Air Starter Flanges | Air Starters | Pow-R-Quik
LS-8 Air Starter Pinions | Air Starters | Pow-R-Quik
LS-8 Air Starter | Air Starters | Pow-R-Quik

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If you’re looking to order custom air starter components, continue through to our “build your starting system” form. We offer a range of air starter system control valves, relay valves, air filtration options, lubricators, exhaust components, and more.

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