We reman ANY hydraulic starters brands and upgrade to latest generation p/n 6-HSCV-360-Z
Pow-R-Quik hydraulic starters HSCV360

HSCV 360 Hydraulic Starter

Hydraulic Starter HSCV-360 has a dedicated hydraulic gear motor which integrates the ‘soft start’ in the back cover and the overall starter dimensions and weight are improved over the basic starter model HS-360 becoming more compact.

The drive and the nose cone (drive housing) are designed to be universal accommodating multiple industrial engines with displacements* 50 liter and higher (consult factory for proper match).

In terms of IN/OUT ports, the starter comes standard with both: rear ports and side ports to choose from, and the ports sizes are differentiated for avoiding installations mistakes (in-SAE#12, out-SAE#16). Weeping holes and case drain protections are standard for PRQ hydraulic starters


The universal hydraulic starter p/n is 6-HSCV-360-Z.

The universal hydraulic starter can be supplied with factory installed ON/OFF 24Vdc valve and fittings (p/n  6-HSCV-360-Z-S )



*The engine displacement is for reference only, the engine and the application breakaway torque must be considered and checked against starter specifications.

  • Universal starter (ie. CAT3512, Cummins QSK50, MTU 12V4000)
  • Protects 100% the engine ring gear by pre-engaging the pinion eliminating completely the shock load of a typical hydraulic starter
  • Built-in safety against operator errors
  • Starts reliably any engine at any ambient temperature
Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starter Diagram HSCV360

HSCV 360 Hydraulic Starter Technical Specifications

  • Engine displacement: 50L and above (consult factory)
  • Torque output: max. 198-ft-lbs
  • Pinion: 12 T
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Pressure: 1500-3000 psi (engine-dependent)
  • Flow: 42-60 GPM (engine-dependent)
  • Temperature: -40°F to 180°F

HSCV-360 product has been released in 2018 and supersedes the previous versions HS-360 and HSV-360

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starter Diagram HSCV360

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