hydraulic starter components hand pump

Hand Pump

The Pow-R-Quik hand pump offers a reliable means to recharge a hydraulic starting system.

  • Double acting pump style, 20 cc per cycle displacement
  • 3000psi (207bar) maximum, Buna seals
  • Included but not shown is a 36” (914mm) operating handle with grip
  • All steel construction except for piston bushing which is brass
  • Heated treated steel pins and linkage
  • Low friction O-ring piston shaft seal
  • Hard chrome plated piston O-ring surface
hydraulic starter components re-charge hydraulic pump

Re-Charge Hydraulic Pump

Various offerings available to fit any application needs:

  • Engine PTO driven pump
  • Belt driven pump attached to the engine
  • Electric pump for standard applications or meeting hazardous environment requirements
hydraulic starter components reservoir


2.64 gal (10 L)

5.28 gal (20 L)

7.93 gal (30 L)

  • Removable top
  • Sump Strainer
  • Vented Cap
  • Mounding Tex

For other tank capacities, please contact us

hydraulic starter components accumulators


Pow-R-Quik accumulators are designed and assemble to stringent international standards and provide the means of storing energy in a starting system.

The accumulators are coming in different sizes with nitrogen pre-charge from factory.

hydraulic starter components manifold block

Manifold Valve Block

  • Accumulator, reservoir, pump, and gauge connections

  • Contains relief valve- unloading valve check valve

  • Needle valve for unloading system to reservoir

  • Relief valve: 3000psi (207bar)

  • Unloading valve: 3000psi (207)

hydraulic starter components foot valve

Foot Valve

These valves provide a reliable means to control a hydraulic starting system

Foot Valve Specifications:

  • Max. working pressure: 3000 psi (207bar)
  • Flow rate: 3/8” NPT ports, 20 gpm (75 lpm)
hydraulic starter components smart-r-block


Eliminates leaks and pressure spikes

Smart-R-Block houses:

  • Relief valve
  • Pump unloading valve
  • System unloading valve
  • Start valve
  • Connections are S.A.E. O.R.B.
  • Cable pull start
  • Gauge port allows for panel mount pressure gauge installation
hydraulic starter components hand valve

Hand Valve

These valves provide a reliable means to control a hydraulic starting system

Hand Valve Specifications:

  • Max. working pressure: 21 Mpa (3000 psi)
  • 3/8” NPT ports
  • 3/4” NPT port
hydraulic starter components accessories


A wide range of accessories are available from Pow-R-Quik to complete your starting solutions.

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